5 Tips of Moving a Medical Practice to a New Location

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Monday, May 16, 2022
5 Tips of Moving a Medical Practice to a New Location

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    Organizing a commercial move is a difficult, multi-phase project. However, transferring a medical practice or moving for medical reasons might be even more difficult because there are many more aspects to consider. Concerns with patient data and continuity of treatment, in particular, come to mind primarily, which can be stressful to take care of.

    With some simple takeaways from stories and experiences, one can easily manage this seemingly challenging task seamlessly. Here are some helpful tips for commercial moving that can be of significant use when considering moving a medical practice.

    Planning Is Key

    1. Planning Is Key

    Start by creating a schedule for yourself before making any precise plans. As soon as you decide to move, it would help if you begin your planning. In this manner, you can easily make any alterations as necessary. Please don’t attempt to wing it.

    When transported improperly, valuable medical equipment, documents, laptops, and other items can cost a lot of money. Don’t expose your possessions to theft or damage or compromise on property protection. Prevent it from occurring by organizing the move with effective inventory control, compliance procedures, and a skilled crew of packers and movers.

    2. Choose Your Location Wisely

    It is risky to relocate independently, and one of the most important things to focus on is finding the correct location. Would you prefer to own or rent your new offices? Before contacting a real estate agent or broker, choose one option. Look for a specialist who also works with medical offices.

    They’ll be aware of what you need to relocate your medical practice. You must take both patient safety procedures and regulatory compliance into account. To ensure the safe operation of your equipment, you may occasionally need to make design adjustments to the area. Before selecting a place, make sure to discuss all of your needs with your real estate broker.

    Invest in Good Moving Helpers

    3. Invest in Good Moving Helpers

    It’s time to get in touch with a group of experts once you’ve determined your new residence and the date of your official relocation.

    Make sure to hire experienced movers aware of the planning required to transfer your equipment. Your moving crew should adhere to all state and federal regulations for moving and shipping your medical equipment. Keep looking if they don’t. Join forces with the most qualified moving crew, find a reputable moving company, and make a well-informed decision after investigating the crew’s experience and knowledge.

    Spread the Word

    4. Spread the Word

    Send messages to your stakeholders, such as your patients, via email, postal mail, a postcard, website, and social media profiles, at least one month before relocating a medical practice. Include a map of your new location as well as images.

    Bear in mind that some states have special rules regarding the manner and timing of patient notification. To be sure you’re abiding by all the regulations, be sure to check with your state healthcare organization. Making a relocation announcement is critical for your business since it keeps your existing patients posted and can even bring potential customers to the new area to you.

    Additionally, you can take advantage of this chance to emphasize the benefits that your patients will experience once you move into your new location. It can include enough parking, easy access to shopping centers, or a larger or more accommodating waiting area.

    5. Focus On Marketing Strategies

    It’s crucial to update all of your marketing materials when moving to a medical office. Otherwise, you risk accidentally confusing both existing patients and potential ones.

    Send out a digital announcement without forgetting. You can publish your new location on social media and put a banner on your website. Since web marketing is currently one of the best promotion types, let your patients know when you will be moving.

    Update your bring materials as well. You must update your letterheads, appointment cards, and prescription pads. Verify your updated address again before having anything printed.

    Pack Up and Move

    6. Pack Up and Move

    While relocating does seem like a rather challenging task, it can be easily achieved using the right strategies and with help from professional users. So, instead of being scared, try to look ahead into the future instead of delaying the process due to its present challenges.


    Medical office moving can seem incredibly daunting, but one can easily manage it with a few easy tips and tricks and following any moving medical practice checklist. All you need to do is make a plan, not be afraid to ask for help and emphasize finding the proper promotional techniques to spread the news of your medical relocation.

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