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Whether you’re moving locally in Los Angeles or making a cross-country move,the SOS Moving will ensure your experience is safe, smooth, and stress-free.

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Licensed & Insured Moving Company in Los Angeles

We are a LA moving company that is fully licensed and insured to operate within the state of California and nationwide. With us, your moving process becomes smooth, simple, and safe because you are using the best moving company in Los Angeles to pack, load, and move your belongings.

Our movers are well trained, and therefore, highly skilled to move belongings in and out of the buildings without damaging the walls, doors, doorways, and floors. We have expert moving crews, competent at handling both heavy and fragile items, ensuring they get to your new location in the original condition.We invite you to join hundreds of satisfied customers who experienced our services. Request a free quote and take the first step to a blissful moving experience.

The Best Local Movers in Los Angeles

Are you moving within LA? Hire the best local movers in Los Angeles and experience blissful relocation.
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Long-Distance Movers in Los Angeles

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We are licensed and insured long-distance movers in Los Angeles with a track record of delivering successful interstate moves. You can trust us to handle your cross-country move, and our reviews can serve as proof.

With us, you can confidently rule out the fear of uncertainty when you don’t know where your belongings are. We are a phone call or email away from giving you peace of mind by sharing the latest updates about your shipment and informing you about the delivery date or window.

Enjoy our full-service moves, including moving, packing, unpacking, furniture disassembly and reassembly, and storage services. Request a free quote for a smooth long-distance relocation experience.

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Why SOS Moving?

Licensed and insured

Apart from having highly skilled experts, we are licensed and insured to carry out moves nationwide.

5-star reviews

We completed hundreds of moves, and our customers do not hesitate to share their moving experiences with the world.

Quality supplies

Be assured that we are all about the safety of your belongings. All supplies undergo a strict quality control process.

Customer service

We prioritize customer satisfaction and consistently communicate with our clients throughout the moving process.

SOS Moving Company Reviews

“I am very glad that I went with SOS Moving company! The three guys who moved my stuff were incredibly friendly and hard working. Moved fast but also took care of all my belongings, making sure to double check what was fragile and what wasn’t. There were many heavy things like books and records and they moved them very efficiently up flights of stairs. Couldn’t recommend enough!”
Landon L.
“Buchu and team were absolutely fantastic. They arrived right on time, carefully packed all of our stuff, and unloaded it at our new place all in under 8 hours. They were great communicators, rebuilt all our furniture perfectly, and were incredibly friendly. We couldn't be happier with their services and will definitely use them for our next move!”
Jason L.
“Jose and his crew were so awesome and so quick. They were really helpful, friendly and explained everything. I really appreciate their hard work. They packed up everything for me too! Thx guys.”
Janine K.
“Great experience. From the initial phone call for a quote through the move, everyone was very thorough and professional.I’ve used many moving companies and there is usually one man that slacks a bit more than the others. This was not the case . All the men worked as a team from beginning to end. All very very courteous and respectful. I highly recommend this company.”
Lauren S.
“While a bit on the high side of hourly rates, these guys were awesome and I really appreciated them coming on New Year's eve. Punctional, thoughtful, careful, professional”
Denise C.

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