Moving From Los Angeles to Santa Clarita to Retire

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Tuesday, October 5, 2021
Moving From Los Angeles to Santa Clarita to Retire

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    California is one beautiful state with a lot of amazing cities where you can retire. However, if you have lived your entire life in Los Angeles, it might be a good time to change. Living in Los Angeles is interesting when you are younger but once you retire, you might crave something a little bit smaller and more peaceful. This is where Santa Clarita is mentioned. If you are looking for a city that has around 220,000 residents and it’s relatively close to Los Angeles, then look no further than Santa Clarita. If you’re still not convinced whether you should hire Southern California movers for your relocation, then here are all the reasons why moving from Los Angeles to Santa Clarita to retire is a good decision.

    Moving from Los Angeles to Santa Clarita to retire – perfect to be active.

    When you retire, you will have more time to spend doing things that you like. It is extremely important to stay active, especially when you are retired. For this reason, this city is perfect for you. If you like cycling, then you will enjoy living here. First, hire movers and packers Los Angeles so you don’t have to worry about your relocation. Once you move into your new house, it is time to explore your new city. Get a bike and start your cycling journey. Most of the streets have bicycle lanes but you can try out natural trails as well. In addition to this, the local government is constantly making new trails and paths so you will never be bored while cycling. As you might know, cycling is a perfect opportunity to exercise, relieves stress, and explore your new area.

    Moving from Los Angeles to Santa Clarita to retire to try cycling
    It is beneficial for your health to try cycling

    It is suitable for hiking as well

    Similar to the previous point, you can also try hiking here as well. There are multiple parks to choose from as well as several places for hiking in Santa Clarita. Again, it is extremely beneficial for your health to go hiking every once in a while. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to go on a hard trail. Just one country, you can walk through the parks or some easier hiking trails. Depending on your physical health and abilities, you can choose your hiking trail from Piru Creek Trail to Weldon Canyon Trail. In addition to this, it is important to distress after your relocation. Even if you hire local movers California, it can be quite challenging to organize everything. Not to mention, relocation can be physically and mentally exhausting. For this reason, hiking would be a perfect way to deal with all the stress.

    Moving from Los Angeles to Santa Clarita to retire – great for kids as well

    If you have kids and grandkids, then they can also visit you once you move into your new house. If they are living in Los Angeles, it’s even better. As mentioned before, Santa Clarita is very close to Los Angeles so you can go to visit them or your children and grandchildren can come to visit you as often as they want. Luckily, there are many things to see in do in Santa Clarita, especially for young kids. First of all, there is a theme park called Six Flags Magic Mountain well you can all go together. Then, you can also visit Santa Clarita Aquatics Center. Santa Clarita is a family-oriented city with many festivals and other events organized throughout the year. For this reason, once you finish with movers Santa Clarita CA, invite your family over.

    grandmother with two kids
    You can take your grandkids to popular parks

    Stable housing market

    It is always a good idea to buy a property. You can always sell it later or even leave it to your kids. For this reason, it is a huge benefit if your new city has a stable housing market. Santa Clarita’s market is not perfect by any means but it is better than most cities in California. For this reason, if you plan to buy a house, you will be happy to know it has currently a really stable market. The prices are a little bit higher than in some other parts, but it is still more affordable than Los Angeles. You should find a real estate agent in the area that you’re interested in and see what they offer. While you’re doing research for your new house, you should also hire packing services Los Angeles. This way, you will have more time.

    Moving from Los Angeles to Santa Clarita to retire – reliable public transportation

    Public transport in Los Angeles is not the best. For this reason, many people have to own a car if they want to avoid using public transport. However, it’s a completely different story in Santa Clarita. They have reliable public transportation. Since they have a well-organized transport system, it is really easy to avoid traffic, reach the places that you want, and enjoy your free time. There are three Metrolink stations, so you can easily go to every place in the city. There are also the Commuter Express and the Dial-A-Ride services. When you don’t know the city well, it is always a good idea to travel around by public transport. You get to see how the streets look like and you can memorize some parts of your new city.

    people sitting in the bus

    More reasons to move here

    As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why you should believe in Santa Clarita. However, here are some more reasons why moving from Los Angeles to Santa Clarita to retire is a great choice.

    • Beautiful neighborhoods – it is safe to live in Santa Clarita and also most of the neighborhoods are comfortable and peaceful.
    • Strong school system – if your children decide to move here, your grandkids are going to attend great schools in the area.
    • Well-maintained – the area is very well maintained. You are rarely going to find graffiti or some parts of the city that are dirty.
    • Places to eat – a large number of great restaurants.

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