How to Announce Your Office Relocation: 6 Great Tips

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Monday, May 23, 2022
How to Announce Your Office Relocation: 6 Great Tips

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    Relocation is not as easy as it sounds, especially if you’re moving into a new office. While it may stir up an emotional response in business owners, it may be equally unsettling for the employees who have grown attached to a specific office location. However, you can handle the relocation well if you have an effective communication plan to make the office move announcement to employees. When it comes to office relocation, not just employees but all other stakeholders must be informed and a well-thought new office location announcement must be made.

    If an office move is on the charts for your business, it’s certainly the time to get ready and tick off your move checklist one by one. With that being said, the first task is always about making the office move announcement. Does this sound like a confusing part? Are you struggling to come up with a plan to share this news with your staff, business partners and customers? Well, read these tips for a successful commercial move and make it an exciting news for everyone!

    Announce the Relocation Plans to your Employees

    Your employees should be the first to know about the upcoming move because in reality, your employees are the backbone of your business. Your first goal is to keep employees in the loop and make them understand why this office relocation is good for the business and eventually, their career growth. To disclose your business moving plans to the staff, here’s what you should do:

    • Arrange an interactive session with refreshments or lunch and make a soft announcement about an exciting change in business i.e. a potential business relocation. An initial face-to-face business relocation announcement is always a great way to touch base with the topic and understand employee reactions firsthand. Make sure to inform them about the reason behind the move and deliver it on a positive note to make them look forward to it. A pro-tip? Don’t forget to answer any questions that they might have about the upcoming office shifting.
    • After the initial interactive session, draft a detailed moving announcement email following up on the meeting and addressing employees from all levels including managers to operational ground staff. Add an accessible link mapping out the new location, possible parking spots and nearby eat-out options. This will help them get more comfortable with the idea of moving into a new office. With this email, your employees will realize that things are progressing fast so they will start planning about how to manage the travel time to the new location and alternative routes.
    • Once the email is sent, it is equally important to follow up with respective department managers to understand how the employees are taking in the news.

    Announce Relocation Plans to your Stakeholders, Business Contacts and Clients

    Once you have made the office relocation announcement to employees, the next step is to share the news with other important parties – Yes, we mean your stakeholders, business contacts and clients. Instead of sending an email to them, we suggest that you send out a company moving notice letter to these parties. Why? Well, this is your chance to reconnect with your stakeholders, business contacts and clients and focus on maintaining strong business ties. Getting an official letter before an office move that shares the business relocation announcement personally will definitely pique their interest.

    A good moving announcement letter will cover the following points:

    • Share the reason for moving into a new office and try to relate it with a potential benefit (for example, we’re moving because our business is expanding, and we need a bigger space to cater each client individually);
    • State the reason why you’re sharing this news with them and make it sound like you really value their presence;
    • Mention the timeline of the move including moving dates;
    • Don’t forget to add the new address and an image of the pin location with nearby landmarks;
    • Add your updated office phone details for future correspondence;
    • End the letter with a sentence anticipating their visit to the new office location for a continued business relation.
    Craft Appropriate Messages

    Craft Appropriate Messages

    While it may sound like an easy task to draft a message stating that your office has moved but is it really that simple? Not really. This is because as a company, you have to give your employees, stakeholders, business contacts, and clients, strong positive reasons to accept the big move. You can’t just simply say ‘we’re moving to a new location’ but you must create an appropriate message targeting your specific audience and accompanying a relevant reason that sounds beneficial to them.

    An appropriate message will clearly outline the reasons for the move, potential benefits, the changes in address/contact details, and move dates. All this has to be done using a positive tone to build excitement among the parties involved.

    The Right Time to Make the Announcement

    Your employees are the face of your successful business so we suggest that they should be the first one to know about the upcoming office relocation. We know for a fact that accepting a change is not easy particularly if it involves the employees to move out of their comfort zone. In that case, an office relocation announcement to employees must be underway as soon as you have finalized the necessary details.

    In the same way, your key stakeholders and clients must also be informed ahead of time. Make sure to make your business relocation announcement to them at least 2 weeks before the relocation date. This will give them ample time to get in touch with you and get the answer to any pressing questions.

    The Right Way to Make the Announcement

    The best approach is to use a mix of both online and offline channels when making the big announcement. Here’s how you should reveal the big news:

    • Talk about the upcoming transition online by posting on your Website, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn;
    • Use digital adverts and make sure to get your message delivered to the external stakeholders;
    • You may also use print ads to announce the new location;
    • Send out official emails and letters;
    • Post on your website blogs.
    Celebrate the New Office Location

    Celebrate the New Office Location

    Well, now that you have moved and settled into the new office space, it’s time to have a little celebration! This will help in creating excitement among all parties and will also serve as a great opportunity for them to interact with each other. Oh, and did we mention? This will also be a good move to publicize the new office location by inviting over local press and media.


    Making an office relocation announcement can be overwhelming particularly if you’re managing everything on your own. Let us assist you with managing the move so you can handle the announcements without the added stress. Move your medical practice, photography studio today or any office space to a new location today and let Big Bear Movers provide you a seamless moving experience. Contact us at (909) 639-5235 for a free moving quote.

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