Important Instructions for Your Los Angeles Movers to Note

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Saturday, March 6, 2021
Important Instructions for Your Los Angeles Movers to Note

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    There is a good reason why people hire professional movers. Instead of doing everything by yourself, movers will come and take care of your household. However, should you leave everything up to your movers? Usually, you should. You want to hire moving companies Los Angeles in order to have more free time for completing all the tasks that do not involve packing and transporting your items. On the other hand, sometimes, you need to step in. Here are all the important instructions for your Los Angeles movers to note. After all, you know your items better than your movers. Therefore, you should make sure these items will reach the address in perfect condition.

    Hire only professionals

    First of all, in order to have movers to leave instructions to, you need to hire a reliable moving company. It can be quite easy to find residential movers Los Angeles, but only if you know how to look properly. It would be best if you can ask your friends and family for some recommendations. After all, these people would not recommend fraudulent movers to you. However, if this is not an option, you can search for movers on the Internet. Since anyone can write anything on the Internet, you need to check the credibility of your chosen movers. You can do this by reading a couple of moving reviews, checking the license, and judging their approach. If movers are forthcoming with all the information, it is safe to assume they are reliable. Communication is key to a successful relocation.

    people loading the moving truck
    Hire only reliable and professional movers for your relocation

    Instructions for your Los Angeles movers to note regarding packing

    Usually, since moving can be quite expensive, people decide to pack their items alone. This can be a quite good tactic but only if you know how to pack your items. If you fail to properly pack your items, you can cause more damage than good. In addition to this, you will also spend more money on replacing or repairing items that you damaged due to your improper packing skills. Packing also requires a lot of time and energy. If you do not have enough time to dedicate to packing, it might be smart to also hire packing services Los Angeles. However, in this case, you need to instruct your movers to pack your items as well. This means contacting a moving company and making a new contract or adding it to your already existing one. You need to talk to your company about details.

    Packing special items

    If your movers are going to pack your items, you need to leave special instructions about certain items. For example, if you need to move a piano, you need to leave instructions to your Los Angeles piano movers on how to handle it. As you might know, it is not the same to move a grand piano as compared to a small one. The same applies to any musical instrument. In addition to this, if you have some valuable items, an art collection, an aquarium, a pool table, antique pieces, etc., your movers need to know in advance. Since these items require special packing supplies and moving equipment, your movers need time to prepare everything in advance. For this reason, make sure to point out all the items that require additional attention before your moving day. Otherwise, you might have problems that you could have easily avoided.

    person playing saxophone
    Notify your movers about your musical instruments

    Instructions for your Los Angeles movers to note about pets and kids

    If you are moving with your kids and pets, you have to think about their safety as well. For this reason, you need to instruct your movers about your kids and pets. For example, dogs and cats can be easily scared due to all the commotion happening around the house. Since their usual territory has been completely changed, they can feel extremely anxious and scared. If your cat or a dog is not properly taken care of, they can easily slip by movers through an open front door to escape all the commotion. In order to avoid this, notify your movers about the presence of your pets and keep your pet somewhere safe with enough food and water. The same applies to your kids. You should prepare them for the moving day and also notify your movers about their presence. Avoid any potential accidents and injuries.

    Talk about the moving truck and loading/unloading process

    Another thing you should discuss with your movers would be about loading and unloading process. This is important because of your items. If you are moving your entire household, you’re probably moving your fragile items as well. In order to protect them well, you need to leave instructions for your movers. If you are the one packing your items, you need to write FRAGILE in capital letters on the box. This way, your movers will handle this box with special care. In addition to this, this is also important when movers are loading the moving truck. They will know not to put this box under other boxes. Just on contrary, they will put this box containing fragile items on the top of other boxes. The same applies is movers are packing your items. Make sure to point out all the fragile items.

    a moving truck
    Leave instruction about loading and unloading from the moving truck

    Instructions for your Los Angeles movers to note about transport and delivery

    The last important instruction for your Los Angeles movers note would be about transport and delivery. This would include the following information.

    • The exact date of delivery
    • Your new address
    • The place where they can park their moving truck
    • If you live in the building, whether they can use the elevator
    • If necessary, you can also instruct them about the exact time of their delivery
    • Leave instruction if you’re going to use storage and which items should be delivered directly to your storage unit

    After all this hard work, if you are satisfied with their services, you should consider tipping your movers. This is especially important since movers will need to follow your specific instruction.

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