Leaving CA After Retirement: Where Should You Move?

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Sunday, July 4, 2021
Leaving CA After Retirement: Where Should You Move?

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    California has a reputation for the high cost of living and high taxes. It is not a surprise that a great number of people are leaving CA after retirement due to the highest tax rate in the country. If you look at the quality of life in California: good weather, the possibility to spend the whole year outside, good health care, abundant outdoor activities, and cultural events. California is hard to beat. But on the other hand, if you look more pragmatically it is an expensive state to retire in. Where should you move to? Movers California to New York came up with an overview of the states people head to upon leaving CA after retirement the most.

    Leaving CA after retirement – where to

    We have looked through data on the Census Bureau site to find out more about the topic. Here is what we have about six states where retirees move to the most.

    The tendency to move is the highest for the younger population. Another peak in migration usually comes around the age of 65 following retirement.  Therefore, packing services Los Angeles and reliable moving assistance are in high demand with the golden-agers.  Where do you want to go after you retire and pack? Here is the broader look of retirement destinations.

    Leaving Ca after retirement
    You can enjoy good weather and outdoor activities after retirement in other states as well

    States that attract retirees – Florida

    Regardless of high taxation, Florida remains the number one state where retirees are moving to.  Commonly, with the help of SOS Moving Los Angeles or any other good moving company.  Still, great numbers of retirees are leaving CA nowadays.


    Arizona is ranked as the second-best place to retire. It is a state that is tax-friendly toward retirees. Seniors suffering from seasonal allergies and asthma love Arizona because the state is a desert.


    Arkansas is a safe community to retire in with a low cost of living. It is the state that has a lot of options when it comes to retirement circles. There is beautiful scenery and lots of activities and community events.


    Nebraska is an affordable retirement destination for seniors. It is in the Midwest, so you’re going to experience all four seasons. The weather is not as warm in Florida but there are a variety of activities you can engage in. Besides, the crime rate is very low.

    South Carolina

    Outdoor activities are abundant in South Carolina. You can enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery, while the access to beaches is easy. There are lots of options for affordable housing and the taxes are low. However, retirement income gets taxed in South Carolina.

    an old couple running on the beach
    Leaving CA after retirement – stay active

    West Virginia

    West Virginia offers affordable housing for seniors. The cost of living and taxes are low as well. The weather in West Virginia is good, mostly mild and the state provides quality healthcare for the seniors.

    One more practical tip for seniors when leaving CA after retirement! Hire professional residential movers LA. In the end, they can help with making a good plan for smart money moves.  You will choose the state with the best retirement communities and options more easily with professional help.

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