Pack Your King Size Bed Like a Pro

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Tuesday, July 20, 2021
Pack Your King Size Bed Like a Pro

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    When you need to move, the biggest challenge would be to pack your entire household. It can be quite easy to pack your smaller items as they are usually light. However, what about your furniture? They can be extremely big and heavy. It is impossible to do it in one day or by yourself. For this reason, you should hire the best moving companies Los Angeles to help you out. This can be expensive and may be out of your budget if movers do everything. Therefore, you can pack certain parts of your household by yourself or even everything. If this is the case, then here is how to pack your king-size bed like a pro.

    Decide if you want to pack your king-size bed

    First of all, you should see if it is going to be affordable to move your bed or simply buy a new one. Since king-sized is huge, it will take up a lot of space. Not to mention all the packing supplies you will need to use for this purpose. You can always find packing services Los Angeles to do everything instead of you. This might be a more affordable option, especially if this is the first time moving. If you do not have any relevant moving and packing experience before, you are bound to make some mistakes. These mistakes are often quite expensive. If you end up damaging the property or your items, you will have to replace or repair them. Depending on the damage, this can end up being more expensive than the entire relocation.

    big beige bed
    See if it is worth it to move your big bed

    Start with the mattress

    You cannot start packing your bed if you do not take care of the mattress first. Again, first, decide if it is worth it to pack and move your mattresses. It can be quite difficult to pack your mattress. Because of its shape and size, you cannot use any boxes. You also have to remember that mattresses are usually heavy. You cannot pack them alone. For this reason, you need to ask for help. This can be moving companies Glendale CA. They are professionals after all so they will know how to handle mattresses. The other option would be your family members or friends. With help, you can pack the mattress. You can either use huge mattress boxes to protect it from dust and dirt. Since these boxes can be hard to find or expensive, you can use a mattress bag or plastic wrapping.

    Pack your king-size bed – the bed frame

    When you have mattresses ready, it is time for the bed frame. First, you need to disassemble the bed. After you do this, you can pack the bed frame. Luckily, bed frames are not usually heavy per se, but they are bulky. If you can, you should disassemble your bed frame into the smallest possible pieces. This will make the entire process easier. You can pack individual parts by putting them in boxes. It would be wise to protect those pieces with bubble wrapping before placing them inside the boxes. If you do not have enough bubble wrapping, you can use alternative materials, such as newspapers, sheets, and so on. Lastly, do not forget to label each piece so you will know they belong to the bed frame. Your Los Angeles interstate movers will also place these pieces together to avoid confusion.

    blue bed
    You should disassemble the bed frame

    Clear the pathway to the moving truck

    Before you move your mattresses or parts of the bed to the moving truck, you need to make a pathway. This is extremely important if you want to avoid causing damages or sustaining injuries. As mentioned before, you cannot disassemble your mattress so you have to carry them as they are. Not only are they quite heavy, but they are also big and challenging to handle. So, you cannot afford to lose time and focus on trying to skip over boxes and other items. At the same time, you will be carrying a large and heavy mattress so you cannot that easily avoid obstacles in your way. If you end up tripping over something, you can injure yourself or break something. Even if movers California to New York will carry the mattress or other boxes, they should have a free pathway to the moving truck.

    Pack your king-size bed – moving the mattress

    Lifting and carrying a mattress can be quite a challenge. First, you cannot do it alone. The shape and size of the mattress make it impossible to do it alone. For this reason, you need help from your friends or movers. If you plan to do it by yourself, then, you need to learn proper lifting techniques. You should never use your back when lifting heavy items. You can easily hurt your back this way. Instead, you should use your knees. As for moving your mattress, you should use a furniture blanket. Put your mattress on the blanket and pull the blanket on both sides. You can create a blanket bag which will make the entire process much easier. When you reach the moving truck, you should pop your mattress against the sides of the truck with the boxes around it to keep it secured.

    bare bed
    Move your mattress first

    What to do about the bed frame?

    It is quite easy to move the bed frame once you have it disassembled. Boxes should not be too heavy so you can carry them on your own. As for placing the boxes in the truck, big and heavy boxes go on the bottom while lighter and smaller boxes are on the top. To summarize everything, here is how you should pack your king-size bed.

    • Get packing supplies
    • Pack your mattresses first
    • Disassemble the bed frame
    • Pack each piece of bed frame individually
    • Make sure to protect those pieces with bubble wrapping
    • Label the boxes
    • Clear the pathway to the moving truck
    • Move everything to the moving truck
    • Make sure your items are safely secured inside

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