Plastic Moving Crates vs. Cardboard Boxes- What to Choose?

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Saturday, February 6, 2021
Plastic Moving Crates vs. Cardboard Boxes- What to Choose?

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    Moving your home can be stressful if you stayed in the same house for some period. When the time comes, you will need to pack everything, including small items. Plastic moving crates vs. cardboard boxes is a topic you should re-think. Most of the moving companies will sell some carton boxes or rent out plastic crates. But when it comes to packing materials, what should you choose? They both have their pros and cons, so let go through them.

    Brown cardboard boxes on gray asphalt road
    Cardboard boxes are associated with moving usually.

    Things to consider

    The easiest way to make a decision is to put the pros and cons of both options first. Consider the environment, recycling, and how to balance everything. Here is a list that might help you:

    1. Cardboard boxes are sold by moving companies and warehouses.
    2. You can rent plastic containers.
    3. Moving companies will deliver plastic containers to your old home and then take them out of the new one, saving you the disposal and hassle of cardboard boxes.
    4. Cardboard is opaque, can aggravate allergies, and can not handle rain
    5. Plastic containers are usually clear, so you do not need to mark the outsides.
    6. Quality plastic boxes can be stacked higher than cardboard.
    7. Plastic is reusable.
    8. You do not need any tape if you use plastic crates.


    Packing a box may seem like an easy task, but there is a right and wrong way to pack for a successful move. It will protect all the items it contains to ensure that no valuables in transport are broken or damaged.

    When packing in boxes, there is no point in filling a large box with a small one due to spending space on screws, jewelry, and even cutlery. First and foremost, the organization is the key. Think ahead so you won’t have excess and other items under the loose furniture, so the extra screws are needed to stay connected to the right piece of furnishing. Hiring professionals to help you is a time and money saver. Packing services Los Angeles offers high-quality supplies such as bubble wrap, boxes, and packing kits.

    looking at a pile of boxes and thinking about plastic moving crates vs. cardboard boxes
    You can find cardboard boxes everywhere.

    Use transparent plastic packing boxes.

    You can pack all the things in transparent plastic boxes. That way, you will be able to see what is inside. This way, you will avoid wasting time by rummaging through numerous boxes and bags.

    A practical trick that can help you protect things is to put all the plush toys, pillows, blankets, and blankets together in one bag and use them as a setting where you will put fragile and sensitive things, and you can use them to fill in the gaps.

    Plastic moving crates vs. cardboard boxes- do not overfill the packages.

    One of the common mistakes people make when packing things is to fill the boxes to the top, thinking that this protects and reduces the possibility of moving around the box. However, that is not the case, considering that a small earthquake during transport is enough for one thing to hit another and thus be damaged.

    Your packing checklist

    When you are planning a move, make sure you put on paper a checklist. If you follow step by step, you will save a lot of time and be stress-free. Here is what you need to write:

    • Pack each item separately.
    • Use plastic crates or cardboard boxes intended for moving.
    • Put heavy things in smaller boxes and always on the bottom.
    • Never overfill the box.
    • Fill the gaps in the box. Gaps create a risk of the box sinking and damaging things.
    • Mark the boxes.
    • When you fill the box, immediately tape it.
    • Never glue boxes diagonally.

    Hiring professional help is a good idea. Commercial movers Los Angeles can relocate your entire business both locally and long-distance. When you considering hiring a moving company, make sure that the company has a good reputation. That way, you will be sure that your belongings will arrive in optimal condition.

    Moving cross country

    In case you have to move interstate, Los Angeles interstate movers can help big time. They can pack your belongings such as:

    • Small and large household equipment
    • Fine china items
    • Furniture
    • Heavy items such as piano
    • Office furniture or common household
    Man in blue shirt packing items in plastic crates
    Plastic moving crates are reusable and eco-friendly.

    Plastic moving crates vs. cardboard boxes

    What to choose? That depends on you. Both plastic moving crates and cardboard boxes have their pros and cons and can function properly during your move. Plastic crates can be seen-trough, so it is a huge plus if you have small items inside.

    You can find cardboard boxes easily, and they are super affordable. When you finish using them, they can be easily separated and reused, or recycled. Plastic takes a long time to degrade but can be recycled multiple times.

    Movers California to New York offers help with packing and moving, so if you have a dilemma about which box to use, you can always ask for advice from a professional.

    Conclusion on plastic crates vs. cardboard boxes

    Moving can be stressful, packing too. Make sure you plan it forward, calculate all expenses, and do step by step. That way, you will be focused on one thing at a time. To avoid inconvenience, be informed about the company’s abilities. Read the “About Us” or go through the reviews – that would be enough to help you make the decision. Research the moving company. The little time invested in finding the answers can help you from troubles in the future.

    Being aware of the dangers can save you lots of money, frustration, and time in the future. It is challenging, but also it is a whole new experience. Always research before you start planning. Learning new skills and organizing things under different circumstances can be fun and stressful at the same time, but with these tips and bits of advice, you can take a step back, relax and start planning step by step, stress-free. Either way, the question of plastic moving crates vs. cardboard boxes remains.

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