Room-By-Room Packing Tips for Interstate Move

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Thursday, August 19, 2021
Room-By-Room Packing Tips for Interstate Move

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    It is usually quite challenging to pack your entire household for relocation. You need to do it properly in order to prevent any damage that can happen to her items during transport. This way, you will avoid buying new items to replace your damaged ones or paying for repairs. However, if you are moving across the country, you need to be extremely careful. Since your items will travel for miles and miles, you need to make sure they are perfectly safe during transport. You can do this by hiring SOS Moving LA and packing your items properly. Therefore, here are all the important room-by-room packing tips for an interstate move.

    Room-by-room packing tips for an interstate move – clean and declutter

    The first thing you should do is clean and declutter your house. Usually, it is unnecessary to move all the items that you own. Some items might be too old or worn out. In addition to this, you definitely have items, especially clothes, that you have not worn in years. It would be unnecessary to move those items because you will lose both time and money packing these items. For this reason, to save money and space, you should declutter your household. Once you go through your items, you can see the number of items you want to move. If you think it is too much for you to pack, you can always look for packing services Los Angeles. Movers will know how to properly pack every single item that you own. This way, you can avoid having your items damaged or lost during transport.

    person putting the blanket
    Clean and declutter your house

    What to do with all the decluttered items?

    Once you categorize your items, you need to decide what to do with all the declutter items. You have four options.

    • Sell your items – If you have enough time and energy, you can try selling your items. Here, you also have two options. You can try organizing a garage sale. on the other hand, you can try selling your items online.
    • Give to your friends and family – you can also invite your friends and family over and ask them to choose something if they want.
    • Donate – the third option would be to donate your items for stop you can search for the best charities to donate specific types of items. In addition to this, if you donate your items, you should ask for a receipt. Later, you will be eligible for tax reduction.
    • Throw away – dispose of all the old and worn-out items.

    Room-by-room packing tips for interstate move – bedrooms and living room

    You should start packing your bedroom first. Start with washing your clothes and putting them in the boxes. Then, once your wardrobe and all the cabinets are empty, you should disassemble them. then, protect all the individual pieces with bubble wrapping and place them in the box if you have enough space. Leave the bed for the last because you will need a place to sleep until long distance movers Los Angeles arrive to pick up your items. On the other hand, you should pack all the decorative items first in your living room. Be careful with your TV and other gadgets. You should use their original boxes if you still have them. If not, then you should fill the empty space inside with bubble wrapping or packing peanuts. If you cannot disassemble large pieces of furniture, protect them with plastic covers or moving blankets.

    black bed
    Start from your living room

    The kitchen and dining room

    When it comes to moving your kitchen, you should pack all delicate items by protecting them with bubble wrapping and then placing them inside the box. Make sure to label the boxes and write on them the word FRAGILE. This way, Los Angeles interstate movers will know to handle these boxes with extra care. As for your kitchen appliances, first, you need to clean them properly. Take out all the removable parts from your kitchen appliances and pack them separately. Since you cannot disassemble most of your appliances, you just need to protect them with plastic wrapping or moving blankets. In addition to this, you can disassemble almost everything in your dining room. This way, it is easier to pack everything and place them inside the box. If something cannot fit, you can simply cover them with plastic wrapping or moving blankets.

    Room-by-room packing tips for the interstate move – your bathroom and essential box

    The last place you should move would be your bathroom. First, you should declutter all the bottles that you have in your bathroom. Make sure to leave essentials until the last day. You will still need to use your bathroom while you are packing. If you plan to move cabinets, then, you need to disassemble them and pack them the same way as the rest of your items mentioned above. After you move everything that you want from your bathroom, you need to clean it properly. This is important if you want your deposit back. If you plan to sell your place, the clean bathroom will leave a good impression on possible buyers. Lastly, you will need to prepare your essential box. You should put all the items you will need for the first couple of days until movers California to New York deliver your boxes.

    trying to pack a bathroom after reading room-by-room packing tips for interstate move
    Clean your bathroom well before moving out

    How to make a packing schedule?

    Now that you know all the room-by-room packing tips for an interstate move, it is time to make your packing schedule. First of all, you need to start packing at least two months in advance. This will give you enough time to prepare everything without losing or damaging your items in the process. Then, when you start to pack your items, you should do one room at a time. You can easily misplace or lose some items if you pack everything at the same time. Start from your living room and do not move to another one until you finish with the living room. The kitchen and bathroom should be left for the last.

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