Slow-Paced Places in CA Retirees Are Moving To

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Saturday, September 18, 2021
Slow-Paced Places in CA Retirees Are Moving To

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    When you think about California, you probably do not associate it with retirees. You are probably imagining hot weather and beautiful beaches. However, a lot of sunny days and beaches are among the reasons why California is a good place for retirees. California can be a little pricey and that’s not an ideal situation for retirees. However, the pricey lifestyle and homes are usually the characteristics of the big and fast-paced cities like Los Angeles or San Diego. For this reason, you should search for slow-paced places in CA retirees are moving. You will be able to enjoy a slower-paced lifestyle with all the benefits of California state. You only need to decide where you will move and who you will hire. The answer to the second question is SOS Moving Los Angeles. As for the places for relocation, here are a few choices for you.

    What are the slow-paced places in CA retirees are moving to?

    When choosing a place for retirement, the weather plays a huge role in that decision. It’s very important that your future retirement place has warm weather with many sunny days. The next important aspect is proximity to water, especially saltwater like sea and ocean. Warm weather and water really help with arthritis and other joints problems that older people often have. For this reason, California is a good place for retirees as it has a Mediterranean climate along the 840-mile coastline. Retirement is a good time to buy yourself a house where you will enjoy your free time. However, before you start searching for your new house, you should first know the homebuyers’ guide to CA real estate market. As for the places where you should buy your home, here are a few options.

    • Oxnard
    • Napa
    • Windsor
    • Duarte
    • Valle Verde
    • Burbank
    an empty street during the day
    There are many California to consider as a retiree

    You can consider Napa as one of the slow-paced places in CA retirees are moving to

    Napa is a small town with approximately 130 000 residents. Napa is located at the base of Napa Valley which is a famous wine-growing region and tourist destination in California. What makes Napa a good place for retirees is outstanding weather, even more, beautiful nature, and most delicious food and wine. You will be able to enjoy sunny days almost the whole year while you are sipping the most amazing wine. While Napa is not located exactly at the coastline, it has the most beautiful nature in a form of mountains and hills. Additionally, if you want to go to the beach from time to time, there is a beach about 50 miles away. Napa might be a little bit expensive, but you will be able to enjoy many benefits. For this reason, don’t cancel your appliance movers Los Angeles when you find out about home prices in Napa.

    Why you should retire in Burbank California?

    Burbank should be on the list of best places to retire in California. You can easily relocate to this charming place with help from movers Burbank CA. However, before you start planning your move, you should first know some interesting facts about Burbank. Burbank might be a bigger city with around 100 000 residents. However, Burbank offers a small-town feel, and it’s very pedestrian-friendly. Additionally, it’s located near the Verdugo mountains so you can stay in good health by going on hiking routes. Also, the city has decent public transportation, so you won’t have a problem traveling through the city without a car. Many residents of Burbank will describe the town as very friendly and welcoming. This will help you to adjust to a new home much quicker than you thought.

    empty street
    Burbank has a Warner Bros Studio that you can visit

    Why you should think about Duarte when searching for slow-paced places in CA retirees are moving to?

    Duarte is a very small city in Los Angeles Country with approximately 23 000 population. What makes Duarte a good place for retirees is Westminster Gardens. Westminster Gardens is a senior living community that offers services for home care and assisted living. Unfortunately, not everyone can take for themself in old age. If you also don’t want or can’t live alone in the house then Westminster Garden is a good solution for you. Westminster Garden is not your typical senior community. It’s more like a vacation place with a fitness center, dining options, and many activities suitable for older people. Additionally, Duarte is a charming city where you can enjoy walks through the park or enjoy in restaurants when your family visits you.

    Don’t forget to check Valle Verde

    Valle Verde is another great senior living community in Santa Barbara. Velle Varde is a small community with 2500 residents and it offers a few different living options. You can choose the residential style of living and you have options to live in one- and two-bedroom homes, garden homes, etc. If you need assistance with daily chores, you can choose the option of assisted living. Personalized assisted living means that you will get help from professionals like preparing you a meal or help you with various daily activities like bathing and dressing. Also, this community has medical nurses and caregivers who can offer you rehabilitation services. Valle Verde is a great choice for retirees as you will be able to enjoy an active lifestyle with people your age. Also, having nurses and caregivers near you is a great benefit.

    seniors sitting on the chair in Slow-paced places in CA retirees are moving to
    You should find a friendly and supportive community

    What are other good options in California for retirees?

    There are many slow-paced places in CA retirees are moving to. Which one you will choose will depend on what you are looking for. If you can’t live alone and you need assistance then senior living communities like Valle Verde and Westminster Garden are places for you. However, if you want some nice place with a friendly and inviting feeling then maybe Napa is a place for you. For this reason, you should first see what you need and want and then look for places that suit your needs. Luckily, California is full of options and you will certainly find a place for yourself.

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