The Most Beautiful Places in South California for Nature Lovers

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Wednesday, September 22, 2021
The Most Beautiful Places in South California for Nature Lovers

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    It is always better to spend your time in nature being active instead of sitting in your house. When you are outside being active, you can relieve stress, exercise, meditate, find your peace, escape a busy city lifestyle. This is extremely important if you’re in the middle of organizing your relocation with Southern California movers. Organizing a relocation can be extremely stressful and difficult. You have to figure out the best way to pack all of your belongings and fit them inside dozens of boxes. Then, you need to make sure that nothing breaks or gets damaged during transport. After this mentally and physically exhausting, you need to do something to relax and enjoy your life. For this reason, here are the most beautiful places in South California for nature lovers to visit.

    Beautiful places in South California for nature lovers – Algodones Dunes

    The first place you should visit after your relocation with movers and packers Los Angeles will definitely be the Algodones Dunes. If you’re up for a real adventure, then this place is perfect for you. The Algodones Dunes are the largest dunes in the state of California. They extend over 26,000 acres of land. Because of their unique sand formations, they have been used for countless Hollywood movies such as Star Wars and Resident Evil. Of course, not every part of dunes is open to the public. The eastern part called the imperial sand dunes recreation area is open to the public. It has small and soft dunes compared to some other parts. The largest dunes are to the West. As some scientists believe they are 15,000 or even 18,000 years old. This part also has no light so it offers the state’s darkest night skies.

    person walking on the sand
    You should definitely visit Algodones Dunes

    Cleaveland National Forest

    If you do not like the idea of spending your day surrounded by sand, and then you can go to Cleveland National Forest. This is probably the best place for people who enjoy hiking. Usually, this place is taken as the starting point for Pacific Crest Trail. Cleveland National Forest covers over 460,000 acres of land. This area is pretty dry with its moderate Mediterranean climate so it is perfect for year-round hiking. If you are not a fan of hiking, you can always go for a ride along the Sunrise Highway. Once you reach Kitchen Creek Falls, prepare your cameras for the amazing contrast in the landscape. One side is desert while the other side has a forest. If you change your mind about hiking, then, this place is also a starting point for hikers. Enjoy this national forest while local movers California deliver your items.

    Beautiful places in South California for nature lovers – San Clemente

    Most people like to spend their time at the beach relaxing and listening to the sound of waves. If you would like to spend your days like this, then, go to San Clemente. It is often found on the top of every list dedicated to the most beautiful places in Southern California. In addition to this, San Clement is perfect since it has a combination of white sand beaches and rocky canyons. You can choose which one you prefer better. If you can’t pick, you can always do both, enjoy beaches and canyons. After commercial movers Los Angeles are done with your relocation, start with San Clemente’s Beach Trail. It is an easy 2.3-mile-long coastal trail. In addition to this, San Onofre State Beach is also perfect for surfing beginners while Trestles is only for advanced surfers.

    palm trees on the beach
    San Clemente has one of the most beautiful beaches

    Palm Springs

    Everyone has heard about Palm Spring since it is the most popular resort in California. Apart from being a modern vacation spot, it is also a relaxing place with hiking destinations. Palm Springs is surrounded by the following.

    • Santa Rosa and San Jacinto mountain ranges
    • Joshua Tree National Park
    • the Salton Sea

    First of all, you can see the Sonoran Desert by taking a gondola ride. You just need to visit Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. Here, you can also try hiking to San Jacinto Peak, which is the second-highest in Southern California. On the other hand, if you want lush vegetation, you should head over to the Andreas Canyon Trail and the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians. There is nothing better than enjoying nature after relocation. Even if you have used packing services Los Angeles, you still deserve a good hike through nature.

    Beautiful places in South California for nature lovers – Channel Islands

    Catalina Island is perfect if you are looking for hotels and a crowded vacation spot. However, if you want a more peaceful and nature-oriented getaway, then head over to the Channel Islands. If you come to this island, you can see more than 140 species of animals and plants. This is a perfect place for people who like hiking and looking at some unusual species of animals and plants. Additionally, it is quite easy to reach the Channel Islands since daily boats depart from the coastal towns of Ventura or Oxnard. You can always enjoy the beautiful blue waters by circling, kayaking, surfing, and so on. There are even over 30 sea caves that you can explore. As for all the activities on the land, you can go hiking, bird watching, or simply strolling. There are naturalist-led hikes that will take you to see the islands’ diverse flora and fauna.

    rock formation
    Explore all the islands and sea caves

    Big Bear Lake

    The most beautiful places in South California for nature lovers would include Big Bear Lake. This lake is located at an altitude of 6,700 feet on the San Bernardino Mountain range. Unlike other places on this list, this lake serves as a year-round alpine vacation spot. During the spring and summer, you can enjoy many water sport activities on the lake. However, during the winter, this area becomes a ski paradise. In addition to this, you can also go hiking. Once you reach the top, you can enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of southern California’s highest peak, Mount San Gorgonio.

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