Tips for Helping Kids Settle Into a New Home in West LA

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Thursday, December 10, 2020
Tips for Helping Kids Settle Into a New Home in West LA

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    Are you moving soon, and you’re thinking about helping kids settle into a new home? Professional Movers Los Angeles have a few pieces of advice on the matter. Moving has a big emotional impact on everyone, especially on the children. There are many things that you can do before, during, and after the move to help children prepare and settle into the new home. Appropriate preparations are already half the job, so start to help your kid settle into a new home even before the move itself!

    mom helping kids settle into a new home
    Helping kids settle into a new home starts before the move. Tell your kid that you’re moving as soon as possible to help them start coming to terms with the move.

    Before the move

    Before you move, there are several things that will help your kids with moving and settling into a new home. First of all, you want your move to go as smoothly as possible. Invest your time in finding reliable movers and a good source of moving supplies Los Angeles. In order for them to settle well, it is very beneficial if they come to their new home with a positive mindset. To help them achieve that mindset, you can:

    • Help them keep the routine: Even when they’re packing and there are things that might disrupt it, do your best to keep your kids on track, routine-wise. It will be what they hold on after you move, and it will evoke the feeling of familiarity.
    • Include them in the packing: Helping your children settle into a new home starts before the move. Including your kids in the packing will help them process their feelings.
    • Tell them as soon as you know: This will give your kids enough time to deal with the fact that they’re moving, and you’ll have enough time to guide them through the emotions.

    During the move

    • Prepare for the moving day: Plan out your moving day or you can also include kids in the process of preparing the travel necessity bag. It should include their favorite things, food, medication, and spare clothes. This is especially important if the move lasts a lot of hours.
    • Bring the comfort blanket or comfort animal with them. It will help them to have something comfortable that induces good feelings during the difficult transition time.
    a plushie
    Surrounding your kids with the items that they love will comfort them.

    Helping kids settle into a new home after the move

    • Set up their room first: When you’ve arrived, set up your kids’ room first! Bring their usual linen and make the scenery as familiar as possible. You want to help them cope with the move any way you can.
    • Place their favorite items first: Find the time to unpack some of your children’s most important items. Decide together where your kid’s going to keep them for the time being until you make the definite arrangements in the room. Let them choose if they feel up for it.
    • Be patient: Transition is easy. Introduce as many familiar elements as you can. Start with the place where they sleep, their schedule, and the food they eat. The routine will help them.

    Helping kids settle into a new home is a gradual process that starts before you’ve moved. Be tactical about it even before the move. In the end, warm them up to the idea of all the amazing things they’ll get to do!

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