Tips for Packing Carpets for Moving Cross Country

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Tuesday, August 10, 2021
Tips for Packing Carpets for Moving Cross Country

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    It can be extremely stressful to move across the country. It has to start preparing at least two to four months in advance, hire the best moving companies Los Angeles, make a good schedule, and so on. The biggest and the most stressful part of every relocation would be packing your items. The biggest and most stressful part would be packing your items. This is especially more important when you are moving long-distance. In the midst of packing everything, people do not pay attention to carpets until the very last moment. In order to avoid this confusion and lack of any preparation, here are all the tips for packing carpets for moving cross country.

    Make a plan for packing carpets for moving cross country

    Before you start preparing anything, you need to make a good moving plan. When you decide you want or need to move, take one day before and make a plan. Take a walk around the house and see what you want to relocate. There is no need to move everything as you can easily buy some items after you move. This way, you will save money and time on packing. This decluttering also includes your carpets. If you have carpets everywhere in your house, see if they are in good condition. There is no point in moving your carpets if they are too old or damaged. You will only pay long distance movers Los Angeles more this way. For this reason, see which carpets you will move. Then, make a packing plan including all other items. Remember, you need to give yourself enough time.

    rolled carpets in the garage
    Decide which carpets you want to move

    What should your packing plan include?

    Now the more details about the plan. First, you should decide whether you want to use packing services Los Angeles or not. Professional packing services are more expensive but movers will do everything instead of you. This is beneficial for people who do not have enough time to pack everything. In addition to this, people that do not have enough experience with moving should probably opt for packing services. It is better to pay more for services than to pay for any damage you might cause to your items. You can also injure yourself if you do not know how to properly handle large and heavy items. Apart from this, major parts of your plan should be the following.

    • Making a moving budget
    • Gathering all the necessary packing and moving supplies
    • Hiring a moving company
    • Packing your items
    • Dealing with bureaucracy
    • Moving day plans

    Getting packing and moving supplies for packing carpets for moving cross country

    You cannot start packing anything, including your carpets, without all the necessary packing and moving supplies. Where can you get them? Usually, you can get everything from your movers Los Angeles County. Ask if you have to buy packing supplies or you can rent them for your relocation. Since you will be packing your entire household, you should get all the necessary items not just for carpets. The supplies for the rest of your items should include cardboard boxes, bubble wrapping, moving straps, moving blankets, plastic containers, packing peanuts, etc. As for your carpets, you will need rope, scissors, packing tape, plastic wrap, and garbage bags. Make sure you have enough supplies for everything. In order to get the right number of supplies, declutter your items beforehand. This way, you will not end up with more boxes than you need.

    white carpet with black stripes
    Get all the packing supplies for your carpets

    Cleaning your rugs before relocating

    You should never move your items if they are dirty including your carpets. Usually, carpets can be quite dirty because they are on the floor so it means that all the dust and dirt from outside falls onto them. For this reason, you need to clean your carpets. It is not enough only to vacuum them. You need to properly deep clean them. You have two options. Either hire professional cleaning services for your carpets or you can try to do it by yourself. It is usually better to hire professional cleaners since it is going to be faster and more thorough. However, if you do not have enough money, you can try to do it by yourself. It is important to give yourself enough time to actually clean everything and to let them dry completely before packing them.

    Packing carpets for moving cross country – how to do it?

    After all this preparation, it is time to finally pack your carpets before movers California to New York arrive for the pickup. Once your carpets are completely cleaned, it is time to roll and wrap them properly. Depending on their size and density, you can either roll or fold your carpets. Usually, it is better just to roll all of them. How to roll carpets? Well, you need to roll them in line with fiber. This way, you will avoid any potential damages. Once you have them rolled, tie them with rope or packing tape. Then, you need to protect them either with plastic wrap or garbage bags. Then, you need to secure garbage bags or plastic wraps with moving straps. If you have more carpets that are similar in size, you can combine them in one roll.

    rolled carpet
    You should roll carpets when moving

    Make sure they are safe during transport

    Once you’re finished with packing carpets for moving cross country, you need to make sure they are properly secured in the moving truck. This means protecting them from any possible damage. Do not leave your carpets next to sharp objects. This can cause scratches or tear to your carpets. If you do not know how exactly to place your carpets in the moving truck, you can always ask your movers to help you out. If you agree, you can just let your movers load the moving truck. Lastly, it is also extremely important two secure your carpet so they won’t be able to move during the transport. They can also cause damage to items next to them if they fall during transport.

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