Tips for Preventing Mold in Storage Units

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Thursday, January 7, 2021
Tips for Preventing Mold in Storage Units

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    Are you looking to place your items in storage? One of the best moving companies Los Angeles offers is here to help you fight off the mold! There are a few things that you should know about preventing mold in storage units. Mold can destroy your belongings, and that’s something that no one wants to happen. That is why you should get educated on preventing mold, and start implementing the tips to promote the longevity of your items. To find out more about preventing mold in storage units, keep on reading!

    Don’t pack wet items

    Before anything else, you need to prepare your items for storage. Firstly, clean all of the items that you’ll put in the storage. This is the first step to preventing mold in storage units. Other chemicals that are on them, even simple bodily fluids, may affect them over a long period of time. But make sure that your items are thoroughly dried. If they’re even slightly wet before you place them in storage, they can become a good base for the mold to grow on.

    damp cloth
    Clean the items with a damp cloth before you pack them.

    Use plastic boxes

    There are numerous reasons why you should use plastic boxes when preventing mold in storage units:

    • They’re easily accessible. Many moving companies Pasadena offers, can rent you plastic boxes or packing materials. Many of them sell them as well.
    • If you have items that are sensitive, place them in the plastic boxes. They will prevent moisture and keep your items safe from mechanical impacts.
    • They are also easily stackable onto one another to ensure that you can organize yourself easily.
    • You can order them online easily and they won’t get damaged during the transport.

    Put them in the climate-controlled units

    Climate controlled units will help you control the moisture and the temperature inside the unit. This is an especially useful option when you want to place art in storage, or some other type of item that needs to be carefully preserved.

    Stay organized and place only certain items inside

    One of the main reasons why mold develops is that people place items that they shouldn’t, in the storage units. First of all, placing any kind of perishable items is a recipe for mold – don’t do it. Whether it’s a plant or some food, you shouldn’t put it inside the unit. There’s a list of items that are forbidden in the unit, and make sure to follow it because it’s there for the good reason. Moreover, people struggle with staying organized after a while. Don’t let the chaos into your storage unit – stay organized and stack boxes nicely. That way, you’ll see the mold clearly if it starts developing and you’ll be able to react on time!

    preventing mold in storage units
    You should be preventing mold in storage and clean it every other week!

    Clean your storage units

    In the end, clean the storage units every once in a while. Make sure you visit often and do a clean sweep every time you visit. This is something that should be done each or every other week, but people usually don’t do it even once a month. Keep your storage clean – when you’re cleaning, you also have the opportunity to thoroughly inspect your items, boxes, to move them, and to see if everything’s okay. In the end, make sure that you have rented proper storage units that won’t be the negative contributing factor in the fight against preventing mold in storage units. So, contact us and have your items packed properly and safely moved to storage.

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