Top California Suburbs for Families

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Tuesday, May 25, 2021
Top California Suburbs for Families

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    California is a great state to live in with your family. It has a lot of sunny days, the weather is usually quite warm or hot, it has many beautiful beaches, and so on. Since it is usually warm outside, your children can spend most of their time playing outside instead of sitting in front of their computers. Physical activity is extremely important for the proper physical and mental development of any child. For this reason, you need to find a suitable city or a town where you can raise your family. Then, you should think about how to organize your relocation since you are moving with children. There are many things to do when relocating, such as hiring moving companies in California, packing your entire household, dealing with moving stress, and similar. before all of this, here are the top California suburbs for families.

    How to make a list of California suburbs for families?

    There are many suburbs and smaller towns in California. However, not all of them can be considered as top suburbs for families. They need to meet certain criteria in order to be featured on this list. First of all, crime levels should be low since your children need to be safe in their environment. Then, the quality of schools is also extremely important. Your children should be able to receive a good and quality education in order to find success later in life. Lastly, there should be enough other children in the city so your kids can make close friendships with them. As you might know, it is extremely difficult to be the new kid on the block. You need to help your children adjust after relocation. The best way would be to assist them with finding new friends.

    four boys
    You need to find a place safe for your kids

    Imperial as the first good place for children

    Probably the most family-friendly sitting in entire California would be Imperial. it has a little bit less than 17,500 residents. Usually, the number of residents is not that important. However, if the number is smaller, generally, that place is safer for raising children. Since the community is smaller, your children can form close bonds and friendships with other kids in the neighborhood. In addition to this, more than 50% of households in this city have children. This means your child will not be lonely if living in Imperial. You would be surprised how many families are relocating here with moving companies Pasadena. Imperial is becoming one of the fastest-growing cities in California. Apart from being family-friendly, it also offers a lot of activities for families. It has multiple golf courses, sand dunes, campers, and so on.

    Moorpark is one of the best California suburbs for families

    The next city you should consider would be Moorpark. This city is a little bit bigger when compared to Imperial. It has more than 36,000 residents. Still, this number is quite small and perfectly suitable when you want to raise your family here. The percentage of households with children is a little bit lower, around 36%. As for other benefits, the schools are one of the best in the state. The city has more than 20 parks, which is perfect for raising children. As mentioned, children should be active instead of passively sitting in front of big screens. The biggest perk would be a large number of high-paying jobs. You need to support your family, have financial stability, pay for Los Angeles apartment movers, etc. To provide for your family, you need to find a good job. Luckily, it is pretty easy to do it in Moorpark.

    child playing in one of California suburbs for families
    It is important to have enough parks in the city

    Camarillo as your next city

    Camarillo is a little bit on the bigger side with almost 69,000 residents. This can be an advantage since sometimes it is more exciting to live in a bigger city. Teenagers especially like to have more places where they can go and meet their friends to have fun. Luckily, this place is safe so you do not have to worry too much about their safety. In addition to this, Camarillo, CA is close to the beaches so you can easily organize a weekend trip to the beach. In the city, you can visit one of 26 parks, many entertainment facilities that include BMX tracks, skateparks, etc. Apart from entertainment options, Camarillo is also well-known as a city that respects tradition. This means living in quiet neighborhoods, close communities, regular gatherings, etc. As you know, it is important to live in a supportive community.

    Mission Viejo and Torrance as California suburbs for families

    The biggest cities on the list Mission Viejo and Torrance. The first one would be Mission Viejo with more than 95,000 residents. It is safe, affordable, and family-friendly. You will easily find new friends since it has so many residents. In addition to this, it is very diverse and tolerant. It would be beneficial for your kids’ mental growth to live in a diverse community and learn how to respect all the different cultures and ethnicities. On the other hand, Torrance is even bigger with almost 150,000 residents. The closest major city is Long Beach.  You know what this means – proximity to many beautiful beaches. Even though it is quite big compared to other cities on the list, it is one of the safest in California. If you ask locals, the best thing about living in Torrance would be safety, jobs, amenities, and amazing schools.

    people on the beach
    Proximity to the beach is also a huge advantage

    Other suggestions

    As you see, these would be one of the best California suburbs for families. If you want to check other cities, here are some more suggestions.

    • San Marino – low crime, great education, and family-friendly amenities. However, it is a little bit expensive.
    • Pleasanton – a high percentage of families with kids.
    • Sierra Madre – pretty small with only 10,000 residents.
    • Los Gatos – surrounded by county parks with a thriving tech community, amazing shopping, art galleries, museums, and proximity to the beach.

    It would be wise to check all the cities before you find the one you like the best.

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