What to Unpack First After Your Move in Beverly Hills?

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Wednesday, December 30, 2020
What to Unpack First After Your Move in Beverly Hills?

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    Unpacking is an important process as packing, that’s for sure. Simply, not even the best moving companies Los Angeles has to offer are going to be able to help you settle in nicely and quickly in the case that you have packed in such a way that was going to make transportation and unpacking a task from nightmares. Therefore, as important as it may be to have a defining plan for moving and packing, it is as important to decide how you are going to unpack upon your arrival. Knowing what you should unpack first after your move could spell the difference between enjoying this process or failing miserably in its very end. Therefore, today, we are going to take a look at the most important aspects of unpacking. We are going to focus precisely on the order of unpacking and how it can determine the course of the move.

    TV with Netflix on
    Leave unpacking electronics for last

    What you need to do before you decide what you are going to unpack first after your move

    We have already pointed out that it is very important to come up with a moving plan. This means that not only should you plan your preparations for relocation and how you are going to behave on a moving day, but you should also decide how you want to unpack after the moving trucks have arrived with your belongings. Do this well and you are going to enjoy your process of moving and unpacking. Do not pay enough attention to the second half of your relocation and you could be in for a nasty surprise. And bear in mind that not even some of the top Beverly Hills movers are going to be able to help you unless you put in the work yourself. Therefore, go ahead and put in the work needed to plan your unpacking as carefully as packing.

    Now, we are going to take a look at the details of what you should do to make your process of relocation as simple as possible.

    The pieces of advice to follow to unpack first after your move

    Now that we have got the importance of planning out of question and you realize why it is important to dedicate time to this aspect of relocation as well regardless of whether you are moving with the help from movers California to Florida. So, let’s take a look at the ideas that can make your unpacking as easy as possible. Some of the best things that you can do with this in mind are the following:

    • Start unpacking with the largest pieces of furniture first
    • Move on to the kitchen elements
    • Put your clothes where they belong
    • Leave electronics for last

    Now, let’s take a look at the details.

    The largest pieces of furniture are what you should unpack first after your move

    Upon your arrival, you will want to start unpacking with the largest items of furniture first. This means that you need to bring in the cupboards, sofas, beds, all kinds of wardrobes first. In general, some of the first things to go in should be your large, heavy, and bulky item. This includes electrical appliances as well. Obviously, if your appliance movers Los Angeles had to offer had already dealt with them, no need to worry about them.

    large items such as this bed are the ones that you should unpack first after your move
    Make sure to unpack large items first

    If you do not deal with them first, they are going to be standing in your way making it very difficult for you to move around. Obviously, you do not need to place them exactly where you would want them to be for good. Instead, put them in free corners so that they are not in your way nor outside in the open. Whatever you do, make sure to keep your walking lanes clear at all times.

    Move on to the kitchen elements

    Once the largest items are in, move on to the boxes you had packed. Find out what kinds of items they contain. Right at the beginning, take the boxes with personal items to your bedrooms and leave them there. Just leave them lying there. You will deal with them later on. Right now, we are just making some order around the house.

    With that done, put in the kitchen supplies. Place the dishes in the cupboards together with glasses and all of their stuff that should go in the kitchen. These items are not heavy but tend to get in the way.

    Put your clothes where they belong

    With the abovementioned items in place, now is the time to move on and deal with your clothing. Hopefully, you will have washed them before moving from San Francisco. If that is the case, then simply take them out of the moving boxes and place them into the wardrobe. Keep those that need washing in the bag and wash them as soon as you can.

    cardboard box
    Small boxes should be the last ones to unpack

    Once all is done, move on to unpacking electronics

    Now, electronics are not exactly the last-last pieces of items that you should unpack. However, the items to unpack after them are the smallest and least important pieces that you have. So, in order not to damage electronics while moving other things inside your new home, do not unpack them and put them on first. Instead, sort out other large items that are more sturdy. After all, one bad step means is what stands between you and your broken TV set. And we would like it to remain in one piece.

    Do the housekeeping

    The last thing that we would like to suggest doing is housekeeping. This is a process that you should do after any activity. So, large and bulky items are the ones to unpack first after your move. End unpacking with electronics and the smallest items. Complete the process by making sure that all is in order. After that, you may enjoy your new place.

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